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With its prime location, AMARANTHE is truly at the center of it all with shopping centers, business districts, schools, hospitals and airports just minutes away including easy access to major transportation thoroughfares such as the SLEX, C-5 and EDSA to name a few. This translates into less travel time and more bonding time with your loved ones.

The location is a great deal in real estate, but a few people know what it really means. A good location, in a nutshell, is that which meets your personal needs. You, of course, have to understand that needs vary. What is essential to you might not be in the list of essential factors to someone else. That’s why it’s recommended that before you decide to buy a property, you need to put down all those things that matter the most. Once you have that, choosing the best location will be an easy task. You should only buy a home only if it meets your personal needs and preferences.

Amaranthe is truly a good location and, in fact, a center of all those factors that many people consider when buying homes. If you haven’t known what it means to live in such an area, then give it a try. You will own a property that will always be constantly rising in value. You won’t complain about depreciation or loss on your investment if your intention is to own now and later sell it. If you also intend to live here, then you’ll have life essentials within reach. According to real estate experts, this is the best place to live. All the important aspects that everyone considers are met by this prime location. To give you a real picture of this prime location, Amaranthe is minutes away from the following necessities of life:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Business Districts
  • Shopping Centers
  • Airports

In addition to all these amenities, the major transportation thoroughfares including EDSA, SLEX, and C-5 among others are also minutes away. That means you’ll have an easy time traveling to any place you want. If you want to be at home every day, then you won’t have to worry about anything. In fact, living in Amaranthe is equal to creating enough time to bond with your loved ones every day. You definitely do not want to let such a great opportunity go. Remember that living in a great neighborhood that has everything you need isn’t always obvious. Some people have spent years looking for such opportunities with no success. If you want to be forever happy with where you call home, then seize this chance and be part of the new Amaranthe Community.

Location isn’t just another factor to be considered when buying a home. It directly influences how you and your family will go about your daily activities. Unlike other aspects considered when buying a home, location isn’t subjective. If it’s good, it’s that way to everyone. On the other hand, a bad one remains bad to everyone. So when you set out to look for a new home, make sure you evaluate its location well before making up your mind to buy it. Don’t do the common mistake that many people do by rushing to make a purchase the start regretting a few weeks later. If you do your homework well, you won’t have to worry about the location you choose.

Schools :

  • De La Salle – Zobel - 15km

Shopping Malls :

  • SM Bicutan - 1km

Business Districts :

  • Makati CBD - 15km

Airports :

  • NAIA Terminal 3 - 7km

Hospitals :

  • Asian Hospital & Medical Center - 8km
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